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Combat!, a one-hour World War II drama series on television, followed a frontline American infantry squad as they battled their way across Europe. With mud-splattered realism, the show ...

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1962

IMDb: 8.4

Season 2 - Combat!
"Lee Marvin guest stars as a sergeant in command of a small demolition team that Saunders and his squad is ordered to take behind German lines to destroy a bridge. Lee Marvin does not believe the squad is large enough to handle the job of getting him to the bridge and back alive. He requests a platoon but is refused by Lieutenant Hanley. Marvin submits but has a huge chip on his shoulder due to a close friend being killed while on a similar mission. He has no confidence in Saunders or his men to get the job done and frequently ridicules them during the mission."
"James Coburn guest stars as a ruthless German spy masquerading as an American G.I. in order to get into an American Batallion HQ to create havoc. The jeep he is in hits a land mine and Coburn's German Officer is wounded. Saunders and his squad bring him and the two other German infiltrators back to their Company HQ for first aid. Saunders slowly begins to suspect there is something wrong as Coburn's character makes slight mistakes while speaking and interacting with the other men."
"Returning from patrol, Saunders and his men are captured by a platoon of German SS. They take the squad back to their base to be interrogated by their commander, an SS Captain played by Richard Basehart. Simon Oakland also guest stars as an American sergeant already held captive by the Germans."
"Eddie Albert guest stars as an American WWI veteran living in France with his French wife he met while soldiering in the previous war. During the shelling from a Big German gun nearby he becomes confused and believes he is still fighting WWI."
"All the squad except Kirby take to an orphan boy named Bizzue. When Caje is captured by the Kurts, the others begin to think just maybe Kirby is right."
"When the men arrive in a town the French shoot a man for collaborating and his daughter blames the Americans - who later learn he was actually an undercover allied agent.\n\nRegulars: Saunders, Hanley, Kirby, Caje, Billy Nelson, Littlejohn, Doc 2."
"Suander And Caje are held hostage by two Germans while Doc try and get a vehical to get them out of town. When they get out of town Doc learns why the Germans wanted them for. He trys to stop them by recking the ambulance. We he does Caje get a broke leg and the German in the back get killed. When the 1 German have Doc & Saunders leave an injored Caje behind, Doc get a chance to jump him in the fight Doc kills the german with his bear hands.Saunders bring Doc to reality by letting Doc know he is wounded."
"In this 2 partter Saunders and his men have to get the retreat message to a British troupe behind enemy lines. The British Captain uses his authority to keep Saunders and his men to help him fight the Germans"
"Pvt. Putnam (Putt) is a 15 year old run away. He lies to cover up his age and the fact that he is a green recruit. A friend tells Hanley he is only 15. When he panic he nearly get the Sarge & himself killed. At the end his hobby saves the day."
"Lt Hanley and his me run into 4 Nuns looking for the American to get help for their Mother Sappier. The men must try and get the Nuns and themselves out of the town before the Germans get to the town. The old Nun goes after a statue. Sending Lt. Hanley and Caje back into the town full of Germans and right to the Germans HQ."
"When the 1 person in the squad that is diliked by most of the men is wonded,The Germans uses him a bait to try & get then men come after him. Order come in come to leave him if it not possible to retrive him. 1 person don't want to leave Mason behind. The squad then try to save Mason."
Season 4 - Combat!
"Saunders' latest green replacements are a boxer and his cocky fight manager, Murphy, who wants to run both the war and Saunders."
"The squad, worn-out and exhausted, receives four green replacements. The story follows these four teenagers as they attempt to survive their first day on the front line."
"Kirby rejoins the squad in the field, bringing with him a new replacement, Kalb. Kalb is already known to Fleming. Fleming believes Kalb is a coward who ran at Omaha Beach and has been running ever since."
"A hostile signal corps sergeant, McClosky, balks at having Saunders as escort on a mission to lay wire."
"Waiting for the battle, Noah plants the crops of an evacuated French farmer. His love for the land and farming overshadow his obligations as a soldier."
"In an ancient castle that the Germans are using as a POW camp, Hanley's fellow prisoners provide him with a fake Albanian uniform for his escape attempt."
"Sgt. Saunders, alone and deafened by a grenade, tries to make his way back to American lines."
"Saunders returns from patrol with one of his squad, a decorated veteran of Omaha Beach, under arrest."
"After losing a superior officer in the field, Hanley goes alone to locate a wounded intelligence officer in German Held territory."
"The Squad is saddled with three over-aged replacements: an injured vet of the Italian campaign who refuses to accept that he is incapable of fighting as he did as a youth, a homesick family man, and a politician with senatorial ambitions."
"An explosion destroys the cellar of a German communication center where Saunders, Marsh, and Wallace were tapping lines. Trapped beneath a beam and fearing he will be left behind, Marsh uses information he has overheard as insurance for a safe return to American lines."
"Saunders, trying to get a wounded Kirby to a hospital crosses an elderly mother determined to give her son proper burial."
"Hanley, Little John, and Kirby attempt to salvage film from a crashed reconnaissance plane. They are interrupted by a British Major who commandeers the film and abandons the squad as Germans approach."
"Facing a German advance, Saunders and squad are ordered to destroy a valley of construction equipment, to keep it out of the hands of the Germans."
"Caje forces a Frenchman to aid him and a wounded Hanley. The Frenchman takes them to a German occupied chateau where the countess must tend to his wounds while keeping his presence a secret."
"Hanley is captured by the infamous SS Captain Reichhardt. Saunders captures Reichhardt's men but does not learn the location on Hanley."
"Three days before a German advance, a spy posing as a downed American flyer is sent to secure information on the French resistance."
"Marsini the sole survivor of an ill fated patrol blames Saunders for the fate of his fellows since Saunders has orders to keep his position and could not render aid"
"An impostor masquerades as a French resistance fighter to lead Saunders squad on a mission."
"Vinnick, a tough G.I. with no regard for danger, clashes with Burke, a soldier who covers his own cowardice with big talk."
"A German Lieutenant posing as an American sergeant is placed among arriving American prisoners, including Saunders. Mastin learns locations of key American units."
"A suspicious straggler joins the squad and behaves erratically, endangering the lives of Saunders and company."
"Hanley flies in a rickety observation plane with a wisecracking pilot. Returning from their mission they see a German convoy and fly in for a closer look."
"In this 2 partter Hanley & his men have to try & take out 2 bunkers. Hanley finds this almost hopeless and with Saunders wounded, (he only able to give morale support to Haley).Everything looks beck for the men of King Company they get a tank. They lose the tank. But in the end Caje& Kirby with cover of the tank take out the last bunker."
"In this 2 partter Hanley & his men have to try & take out 2 bunkers. Hanley finds this almost hopeless and with Saunders wounded, (he only able to give morale support to Haley).Everything looks beck for the men of King Company they get a tank. They lose the tank. But in the end Caje& Kirby with cover of the tank take out the last bunker."
"The squad find a young girl at the convent they are using as OP. Saunders has to try & tell the girl her father is dead. When they are attacked by the Krauts."
"After his men are all killed by Saunders' squad, a wounded German escapes and vows to kill Saunders' men, one at a time."
"Hanley tries to save a terrified soldier caught in quicksand."
"In his first battle, Pvt. Corey freezes. Afterworld, the squad commends him for his actions, believing he destroyed a machine gun nest."
"Saunders has to return to HQ for a meeting - leaving Kirby in charge. At first being left in charge starts going to his head, But! after Caje is wounded and the phone lines are cut. Things change fast, At first Kirby starts thinking what would Sarge do. But! with a little encouragement from Doc, He stops thinking what would Sarge do but what would Kirby do to get out of this"
Season 5 - Combat!
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