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J.R. Ewing, a Texas oil baron, uses manipulation and blackmail to achieve his ambitions, both business and personal. He often comes into conflict with his brother Bobby, his arch-enemy Cliff Barnes and his long-suffering wife Sue Ellen.

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1978

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Dallas
"No description"
Season 2 - Dallas
"Due to her erratic behavior and alcoholism, Sue Ellen is sent to a sanitarium. When she is able to escape, Sue Ellen delivers her baby following a near-death experience. Meanwhile, Bobby begins to suspect that Cliff is the father of Sue Ellen's baby."
Season 3 - Dallas
"Bobby and Pam leave Southfork. Meanwhile, J.R. is shot following the nationalization of the Asian oil wells which ends up ruining competing oil wells."
Season 13 - Dallas
22 Sep 1989
"A raging J.R. Ewing is consumed with vengeance after Sue Ellen blackmails him with her threatening motion picture."
22 Sep 1989
"Tommy claims he's changed, while plotting revenge against Bobby; a gallery owner likes Cally's paintings; J.R. makes a risky deal behind Bobby's back; Cliff finally finds Afton."
29 Sep 1989
"Having gone behind brother Bobby's back in stretching Ewing Oil's reserves too thin, J.R. frantically scrambles to secure enough oil to meet a potentially deadly deadline."
06 Oct 1989
"Seeking revenge, Tommy McKay plants an explosive device in the unsuspecting Bobby's briefcase. At her sister April's expense, Michelle connives her way into Cliff's heart."
13 Oct 1989
"Carter McKay and his son Tommy have a fatal confrontation and gold digging Michelle decides to play the \"Cliff vs J.R.\" game."
20 Oct 1989
"Despite his arrogant attitude, new Dallasite James Richard Beaumont creates quite an impression with J.R. and other members of the Ewing clan."
03 Nov 1989
"Vanessa Beaumont travels to Dallas to retrieve her son James, who is deciding on whether or not to make Southfork his home. James, in an effort to immerse himself into the family, enjoys a day out in the fields with Bobby."
10 Nov 1989
"In an emotional and volatile family gathering at the Oil Baron's club, J.R.'s delight at discovering that James is his son is short-lived upon the interruption of an even bigger bombshell."
17 Nov 1989
"In the aftermath of the oil tanker collision, Ewing Oil finds itself under fire from the press, environmental groups, and Cliff Barnes' investigative committee."
01 Dec 1989
"Cally's rosy world is shattered when she spies J.R. with a familiar other woman. Distraught over J.R.'s apparent infidelity, Cally runs to Alex for comfort."
08 Dec 1989
"Cally unleashes the wrath of J.R. after she angrily confronts both him and Michelle about their supposed liaison."
15 Dec 1989
"April and Bobby's relationship ices over as his reunion with Kay heats up. Cally agrees with J.R. that they should put the past behind them -- unaware of what J.R. has in store for Alex Barton."
Season 14 - Dallas
02 Nov 1990
"Bobby and April's long awaited, romantic honeymoon in Paris is interrupted by Sheila Foley, an enigmatic, well-to-do woman, while J.R.'s frustration mounts when he realizes all escape routes from the mental institution are blocked."
09 Nov 1990
"Bobby becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of charades with Sheila Foley in an effort to rescue his kidnapped bride, while J.R. faces a life threatening situation in the asylum."
23 Nov 1990
"Still playing the charade, Bobby attends an important oil industry reception with Sheila, unaware of the ominous events about to change his life forever. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, J.R. ..."
30 Nov 1990
"The charade played out, Bobby returns from his honeymoon in Paris, a changed man and alone."
07 Dec 1990
"Despondent about April, Bobby turns his back on Ewing Oil, while J.R. gets a surprise visit from the only woman he has ever loved. Meanwhile, Michelle is furious with Bobby for returning to Dallas without April."
14 Dec 1990
"With the hoodlum Johnny Dancer dead, Carter McKay, Cliff Barnes, and Liz Adams all are likely murder suspects. In other developments, J.R. courts Vanessa, but his hold on her may be tenuous."
21 Dec 1990
"Venezuelan oil magnate Lee Ann De La Vega attempts to cast a spell over J.R. Ewing when she maneuvers to buy his precious Ewing Oil. Despite J.R.'s vehement objections, Bobby decides to rid himself of the oil company."
04 Jan 1991
"Things go from bad to worse for J.R. when Ewing Oil slips further from his grasp and James makes a shocking announcement about Cally in the midst of J.R.'s engagement toast to Vanessa."
11 Jan 1991
"A forgotten moment from J.R.'s past returns to haunt him as Lee Ann takes control of Ewing Oil and plots with Michelle to destroy every facet of J.R.'s life."
18 Jan 1991
"J.R. contemplates romancing Lee Ann in his effort to win back Ewing Oil, unaware that he's falling into her trap."
01 Feb 1991
"Lee Ann continues her sly seduction of J.R., taking the final steps in her elaborate plan to drastically change his personal and professional life forever."
08 Feb 1991
"Lee Ann De La Vega sells Ewing Oil to Michelle Stevens. Michelle then fires J.R., Phyllis and Sly. Bobby enlists the help of Liz Adams to find Hillary Taylor. He finds out Hillary's daughter Jory is in Malibu and goes to find her."