First Family of Hip Hop

Forty years after matriarch Sylvia was dubbed "The Mother of Hip Hop" for bringing rap into the mainstream, the next generation of Robinsons are working at the label and looking to make their own stamp on history in different ways.

Genre: Documentary , Reality

Country: USA

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2017

IMDb: 5.3

Season 1 - First Family of Hip Hop
"The Robinson family is struggling to maintain peace. Family patriarch Leland wants to sit back while the publishing checks from his family's legendary hits roll in. Meanwhile, the younger generation is racing to get their own piece of the pie. LeA is working with her cousin Shanell aka Lady Luck to create new music, but when her birthday party falls on the same day as Shanell's new girlfriend Somaya's birthday, LeA learns that the world doesn't revolve around her. Also Darnell has his own musical ambitions, but he's spending too much time producing a hot new artist against his girlfriend Eseni's will. Now, the Robinsons will discover just how far they are willing to go in order to regain their spot on the throne of hip-hop."
"Drama continues to follow the Robinson family as patriarch Leland struggles to assert his role as boss in the face of challenges with the younger Robinson generation. Darnell's high-octane argument with Eseni and club-hopping quest to find Sugarhill's next big artist lands him in the hospital. Meanwhile LeA gets the family together for a Sylvia style cookout without Shanell aka Lady Luck. Luck feels increasingly sidelined from her collaboration with her cousin, LeA. She's got the vocals but Luck's got experience, contacts, a proven track record...and a bone to pick."
"A talk with rapper Raekwon lights a fire under Rhondo to step up and show he's the heir to the Sugarhill throne, while Leland's friend Biz Markie champions that the kids are the future of the company. Darnell tries to pitch Leland new ideas for Sugarhill that lead to him to being kicked out of the office. A sit-down between Shanell aka Lady Luck and LeA quickly explodes into a she-said-she-said screaming match. Meanwhile, Lelo heads to court wondering if he will come out again and Lady Luck talks to her lawyer about finally getting everything she's owed by the Robinsons."
"Darnell splurges on an extravagant gift to prove his love to Eseni, now that the fighting over his artist Naomi is behind them. With many of the kids at odds, Leland attempts to unite the Robinsons by throwing a family basketball game, but his hope for family harmony is short-lived when Shanell and Darnell faceoff. Meanwhile, the rift between LeA and Shanell deepens as they each plot the next step in their careers without the other."
"Leland makes LeA an offer but his strong-willed daughter has ideas of her own. Meanwhile, Rhondo rallies the rest of the Robinson men to confront Big Lee with their concerns about how he's running Sugarhill Records. Darnell and Eseni have another huge blow up, pushing Leland to draw the line with his son and Eseni to take a pregnancy test. Shanell plots her next move to relaunch her career as Lady Luck, and takes steps the family views as a betrayal."
"With the family imploding, Leland attempts to smooth things over. He confronts Shanell about her betrayal of Rhondo, and after Darnell refuses to leave the house, Big Lee takes action. While Shanell debuts her Lady Luck album to music industry execs, Rhondo tries to get Darnell on board with being part of his presentation to Leland. And a family outing to ride ATVs brings tension between Rhondo, LeA and Shanell to a head."
"With the big presentation for Leland looming, the Robinsons are pitted against each other in the battle for the Sugarhill throne. Rhondo and LeA make nice with Shanell but still doubt her sincerity. Shanell faces obstacles in her personal life with Somaya, while Darnell and Eseni wonder whether to revisit their relationship. And Lelo's past catches up with him as he races against the clock to prove himself to his father before he faces possible jail time."
"Leland is finally ready to pick a successor at Sugarhill. Nerves and competitiveness kick in as the family takes the stage to show him what each one of them has to offer the label, and old conflicts resurface. Shanell makes a big announcement while Darnell and Eseni come face to face. Leland struggles to decide which of the kids is ready to take the throne, and his final decision blows them all away."