Follow the men and women who keep the citizens of New Orleans safe during the night. Ride along with the police officers, the firefighters, and the paramedics as they tackle the evils of the night.

Genre: Documentary , Reality

Country: USA

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.9

Season 1 - Nightwatch
"A New Orleans man is found in the street, bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds."
"An EMS officer shares emotional news with his partner; firefighters respond to a call about a vehicle ablaze at a gas station."
"After a quiet beginning of the evening, multiple calls virtually explode across the radio at once--and the most alarming code heard is for \"Officer Shot.\" The overwhelming response to that call leaves EMT's Titus and Dan to endure an agonizing wait for police backup at the scene of a stabbing at a birthday party. Meanwhile, fire fighters respond to the scene of a burning car."
"Halloween provides a fitting backdrop to a night on the job that includes some chilling calls. Captain Kevin leads the fire fighters battling a blaze that's engulfed a house, and hopefully nothing more. Police officers Victor and Cedric hunt through a neighborhood in \"the country\" for a burglary suspect. And on the EMT Sprint Unit, Becca responds to a call she hoped to never get."
"Police officers Victor and Lejon join a SWAT team operation hunting a homicide suspect. The fire department tries to save a man who fell into the Mississippi River. And for the EMTs, the calls tonight are as much about comforting victims as they are about saving them."
"It's a full moon in New Orleans, and sure enough, all night long, the calls for the EMT's seem to get crazier and crazier: the victim of a machete hacking, the man whose finger is bitten off by a dog, the guy stabbed by a man dating his ex-wife. Meanwhile, two cops keep their perfect record of chasing down suspects in foot races intact, and a fire chief confronts his fear of rats."
"Randy and Justin chase down a suspected car thief, while both EMT teams respond to emergency calls involving children in distress."
"It's New Year's in New Orleans and gun violence is rampant as Police and EMS deal with armed robberies and shootings. Plus, EMT Gavin returns to the job, and everyone celebrates a new addition to the family."
Season 2 - Nightwatch
"It's the week of Mardi Gras and it's the busiest time of year for our first responders. Working the parade route comes with its own challenges and unique cases. Keeley treats a man who impaled his hand on a fence. While Titus and Dan have to navigate through a flood of people to treat a man stabbed in the face. But most drama happens off the parade route. Titus and Dan race to save an 18-year old shot in the head through and through. Randy & his partner Devin, search for suspects in an armed robbery, which leads to a high-speed chase."
"Swat officers J. and Alley come face-to-face with the violence in the city after a high-speed chase turns into a shootout with their suspect. The violence takes a bizarre turn when Keeley gets called to a woman whose eyeball has been bitten out in a fight. Titus and Dan head to one of the most dangerous projects in the city in order to treat a shooting victim. Towards the end of the shift, Keeley joins Holly and Nick as they try to piece together what happened between two Spanish-speaking men involved in a bloody knife fight."
"The city is in mourning after a well-loved Police officer is shot and killed on duty. Vic and P chase a suspect following an altercation with another officer. The dangers of the job become even more real when Vic and P are called to assist other officers who were shot at by a suspect while serving a warrant. Titus and Dan deal with a resisting patient who takes a swing at Titus. Holly and Nick treat a woman whose leg is mangled in a bicycle accident."
"Titus and Dan treat a woman who was viciously stabbed in the face, while Holly and Nick tend to an emotional transgendered woman who was assaulted. A wild police chase ends with a major car accident and the firefighters of SQURT 16 race to put out a structure fire. Throughout the long night the character of New Orleans' residents shines through in dramatic and quirky ways."
"Titus and Dan treat a woman who was viciously stabbed in the face, and Holly and Nick tend to an emotional young transgendered woman who was assaulted. A wild police chase ends with a major car accident, and the firefighters of SQURT 16 race to put out a structure fire. Throughout the long night the character of New Orleans' residents shines through in dramatic and quirky ways."
"On Nightwatch you can't save everyone, but you try. New partners Tommy and Arkady join a desperate search for a victim who went under in the river. Holly and Nick rush to a motorcyclist to the hospital with devastating injuries. Titus and Dan assist a pedicab driver who has a nasty leg injury. Randy and Devin search for a drug dealer hiding in a dangerous neighborhood."
"For the men and women on the Nightwatch, two things never stop: the calls and questions. How can someone shoot an eight year old boy? How do you stop the drug epidemic in the worst parts of New Orleans? How do you get guns off the street? As the first responders do everything they can do to save the victims of several shootings, a drug overdose and more; the police officers chase suspects who end up having illegal firearms. They all find themselves asking these questions and only wishing they had the answers."
"The best people on the job never stop looking for ways to do more better. For police officer Justin, the objective is joining the SWAT team and he takes a big step by leading a raid with the SWAT officers. Meanwhile, the first responders deal with a rash of scary calls, a man suffers from amnesia after getting hit by a car and a woman who fell off a roof. And after a man survives a suicide attempt, Arkady forges a bond with him by sharing the story of her mother's own suicide."
"Like any dad, Titus wants the best for his son. As an EMT he sees just how dire life can get. From drug addicts desperate to kick their problems, to assault victims, to a teenager who drove his car into a tree, nights in New Orleans reveal the struggles of life in this city. Police officers continue to work tirelessly to get guns off the street which makes the city a safer place to live."
"On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina everyone in New Orleans and on the Nightwatch recall their experiences with the storm and reflect upon the significance it still holds in their lives. Amid the remembrances, the city still needs its first responders. Over the course of a busy run of calls for EMT's, the police SWAT team looks to execute a high risk raid. The people on Nightwatch will do anything to protect their city."
Season 3 - Nightwatch
"The team celebrates the opening of its new headquarters after 10 years of working out of trailers. Titus has received his paramedic license and his long time partner, Dan, must adjust to their new shared roles in a variety of calls. New to the team, Arcady and Ted, get to know each other's styles in their first shifts together."
"In a night filled with multiple shootings, Holly and Nick must search for a gunshot victim that has gone missing. Meanwhile, Titus and Dan tend to a man stabbed multiple times. Keeley is heartbroken about the shooting tragedy in Orlando and is intent on participating in the city's upcoming pride march."
"Working together for years has turned Titus and Dan into great friends. On their shift, they come across people who are the victims of crimes perpetuated by those close to them. On calls like these, when they become more than just emergency medical technicians, they are counselors and therapists. They will do everything possible to steer some troubled people in the right direction."
"Every night, the members of the Nightwatch are reminded in new ways to be thankful for what they have. Titus and Dan resuscitate an overdosing drug user just before all hope is lost. Brooke and Landon tend to a young girl with congenial heart failure. Later, a team of firefighters contain a fire before it can wreck havoc. Things get a little bit lighter when Titus and Dan learn that a familiar patient is also a secret admirer of Holly."
"Not all tragedies are created equal and tonight, when the men and women of New Orleans get word that one of their own has been seriously injured, they all reflect on the risks they take. Other calls during the night mirror that reality. A small party was thrown into chaos by armed intruders and a bar fight ended with a good samaritan getting seriously wounded trying to break up the fight."
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Season 4 - Nightwatch
"In the premiere Tampa episode, we meet the brave members of the police and fire rescue departments that risk their lives every night patrolling the city to protect its residents. Police officers Robb and Bethany find themselves in an armed standoff with a suspect who has been holed up in an apartment complex. And fire rescue team Mayville and Stokes must put out a trailer fire that threatens to incinerate the rest of the residential park."
"Robb and Bethany are approached by a man who fears his missing daughter is dead; the ROC Squad sets up a high-profile sting to capture thieves preying upon Tampa; Rush and Rutledge try to rescue a puppy from a fire in an apartment complex."
"Officers Roni and Cooper engage in a foot chase following a stabbing at a nightclub; Fire Rescue's Doug and Stokes try to save the life of a man shot in the throat; the hunt for a carjacker leads Will and Dimitri to the roof of an apartment complex."
"Mark and Austin find themselves conflicted when a man stabbed multiple times angrily refuses treatment. Jerry and Chase are involved in a car chase that results in a foot chase when an armed suspect bails from the vehicle into a parking lot."
"Officers Robb and Bethany are helped by the K9 Unit to corral a suspect who takes off running after a car chase. Fire Rescue's Rush and Rutledge struggle to convince a man with heart problems to go to the hospital. Mayville and Doug are called in when a car careens off a bridge--and the driver can't be found."
"Tampa first responders have a chaotic night treating seizure and overdose patients, while the ROC Squad Task Force tracks down suspected armed robbers in a high-speed chase."
"It's Halloween night in Tampa and the cases get wild. Tony and Dave treat a woman who was shot in the chest with a BB gun and is bleeding uncontrollably. The ROC Squad responds to a call from a man who was shot, and Will and Dimitri go into detective mode to help track down the assailants. Later on, Air Control guides Robb and Bethany to track down a fleeing suspect who thinks he can hide in a trash dumpster."
"Chaos erupts when shots are fired and a teenager is wounded while Will and Dimitri are on patrol at a high school football game. Meanwhile, Mayville and Stokes are on the scene when multiple bomb threats are made in Ybor City. And the ROC Squad are on the move when they chase down a teenager on a joyride with his parents' car."
"Pierre and Jerry are backed up by Air Service when they go on a high-speed car chase through the streets of Tampa. Rush and Benny have to restrain a combative patient, while Stokes and Doug transport a victim of sexual assault in Ybor. Robb and Bethany witness a heartbreaking scene when a mother must decide whether or not to send her son to jail in order to save his life."
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