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Turkey in the spring of 2014. A time when the enemies are growing on the border, the circle of danger inside is becoming narrower. The Republic of Turkey faces the greatest threats of ...

Duration: 80 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2018

IMDb: 8.4

Season 1 - Wolf
"After 3 months from the first episode, it will be in 2015. J\u00d6H and P\u00d6H teams are catching a terrorist named \"Bahoz\" in the countryside of Mardin. They will come to the armored convoy, every one in the team is about to throw in a terrible danger. The B\u00d6R\u00dc, which continues its mission under the projectile rain without taking the insidious conspiracy of those who have educated them, has to succeed in transferring the terrorist whatever it is."
"In the spring of 2016, Kemal will increase tension in the team with a secret task he has taken. The things that the legendary commander Osman Alan knows are the information that can solve the secret nodes, but the increasing pressure from inside and outside is trying to prevent B\u00d6R\u00dc every step. A foreign-based attack on state munitions will overturn all plans."
"ISID, while a skyscraper in Istanbul Maslak is about to make a big and bloody action, Kaya, who is found there by chance, has to make the first intervention. He against 13 terrorist alone, late in the night, has to withstand until friends come. The only thing that gives Kaya the power to prevent the civilians from being hurt is the passion for revenge his sister. At this time, some of the wheels began to spin around the country. In the middle of the year 2016 one of the largest and most insidious dangers faced by the Republic of Turkey is about to turn into a hurricane quietly. Doomsday has now entered the final phase. The day is July 15, 2016."